Chair’s Message – SSI Qld Journal Autumn 2009

From the Chair, Spatial Sciences Institute, Queensland.

Welcome to the 2009 Autumn edition of ‘Spatial Science Magazine, Queensland Supplement. In this issue, you will learn how your professional body, and importantly your fellow members, are preparing for the future and increasing the Institute’s services and value to you.

Volunteer Committees continue to grow
Our Young Professionals and other Committees such as the Spatial Education Advisory Committee Queensland and Continuing Professional Development Committee continue to perform and exhibit excellence in what we as a profession do and aspire to do. Our YP Committee is growing and demonstrating strong governance skills, working together to provide you with a program of innovative and friendly events. Their lively nature is contagious and brings to life our desire to network and work together to provide professional services to our clients.

Our Spatial Education Advisory Committee (SEAC Qld) is focused on tomorrow, ensuring that there will be others to whom we can pass on our skills and businesses. Indeed, the committee is actively developing strategies and projects to ensure that others will seek careers in our professional domain; developing informative and alluring posters to exhibit at universities; maintaining liaisons with the CRC for Spatial Information, other Institutes and Universities; seeking development of accreditation of surveying and spatial courses; and coordinating and fostering networks of those seeking scholarships, traineeships and other spatial support services.

As your professional body, the SSI seeks to keep you informed of the latest developments within your professional area of interest. One of the roles of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee is to provide you with a program of study so you may be positioned to make informed decisions on issues such as legislation, data initiatives, access and licensing policies, data quality and other similar national issues. For us to do this effectively and to your satisfaction though requires your involvement, we need you to inform us of your needs and where possible your participation in providing it to others.

Now that we are growing stronger we are also positioned to better serve our members. To this end the Queensland office is now providing administrative support for three more commissions – Spatial Information and Cartography (SIC), Engineering and Mining Surveyors (EMS), and Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. The SIC Committee is already engaged in providing an important industry event scheduled for this coming May 2009. The ‘Innovative Location Intelligence Services for Business, Government and Community’ Conference will highlight how ubiquitous our profession is and how important it is for the wider industry to embrace spatial technologies to enable businesses, streamline services, and to stimulate the economy.

Your Regional Commission Chairs are promoting strategies that will assist in enhancing activities, events and information streams to better serve members of their commissions. We seek the strong involvement from Queensland members of the above commissions to participate in and contribute to the provision of these services.

Our Committees continue to grow and are served by diligent and committed volunteers, professionals and practitioners wishing to contribute to their fellow members – to you. I for one am continually appreciative of their assistance, and honoured to have them by my side. I take pride in watching our commissions and committees grow stronger and foster exciting and invaluable networks.

Should you be interested in participating in any of our vibrant Committees please contact the office on 07 3217 2566 to be put in contact with your most relevant member.

Communicating our Worth
The SSI and our co-industry partner, the Australian Spatial Information Business Association (ASIBA), have always maintained a strong alliance. Together we advocate the value of our members and what they provide to our nation.With our economy now slowing, it is an apt time to inform others of how we as a profession and an industry are poised to grow.

The CEO of ASIBA (David Hocking) strongly promotes the value of our Industry in Canberra, identifying how, unlike many other industry sectors, the spatial information industry is confident of its future both in the short term and further into the future. He says that much of this confidence is based in the vision that our Government has promoted; a nation built on innovation, skills development and a renewed commitment to building our national infrastructure. We of the spatial sciences have a natural ability and an existing standing in bringing this vision to reality.

We should all be keen to impress on others the value that the nation can derive from our technology in all its many guises. For instance, we are recognised internationally as one of the leading sectors for employment growth and an industry and profession that has helped to build Australia’s reputation overseas through its humanitarian work.

Our profession is one that has led the way in challenging the status quo on water and climate change; that guarantees a methodology for the reduction of carbon emissions without massive budgetary outlays; and that contributes significantly to Australia’s GDP. All achievements that will continue.

For those who attend our innovative CPD events, you learn of the exciting concepts that are emerging within our sector, from the way we use GPS to new and cost effective ways of gathering high resolution aerial and satellite imagery – both potential success stories. We are by no means an insignificant industry, to believe so is to ignore the wider value of spatial information and its technologies. The massive investments in spatial technologies by companies such as Microsoft, Google, Telstra, Nokia and others will ensure that our spatial technologies become part of mainstream business systems and consumer products into the future.

These are some of the insights that are of our industry, of our profession, we should be proud of what we have done, be aware of the value of what we do and be cognisant of what we can achieve into the future.

Q150 – Celebrating with Queensland
Our proposal to partake in the Queensland 150 Year celebrations was enthusiastically welcomed by the Queensland Premiers Office. All eight of our coordinated applications representing all 20 plus Towngroups were successful. This stong coordinated effort now provides us the opportunity to make a concerted Queensland wide promotion of who we are and what we do. The desired outcome is to raise spatial awareness within our communities and to provide recognition to those that helped build the communities within each of our state’s regions.

To recap, 2009 marks one hundred and fifty years of contributions of our industry to the economic growth and development of Queensland. The SSI Q150 project is now to erect a network of landmarks around the state depicting accurate GPS coordinates alongside information of our pioneering surveying colleagues.

In addition to recognising our forebearers, our objective seeks to occupy our young. With our children now enjoying pastimes such as geo-caching (modern day orienteering using GPS navigation units), this is an opportunity to both landmark our contributions into the future and outreach to our children, guiding them with our landmarks.

If you have any interest in supporting this initiative during 2009 please view the Project’s wikispace at and contact your local SSI Qld Q150 project organiser. Or else you may contact the SSI Qld Office (07 3217 2566) directly where you will be put into contact with fellow supporters in your area.

Looking forward
By the time that you are reading this article you will have received notification of the long awaited merger vote. Over the past five years the SSI Qld Region has grown strong in the solidarity of the professions that make up the Spatial Sciences and our commitment to one another. With almost 1,000 members we have demonstrated to all the other regions what can be achieved uniting ISA(Q) members and SSI members, we have grown wiser and strengthened our position in Queensland. Yet it should be remembered that we still belong to a greater family and we have responsibilities to ensure all fellow surveying and spatial science professionals can achieve what we have.

I write this report before the vote has been taken and I for one hope that the merger will be successful. That the efforts of the SSI/ISA Merger Working Group over the last year, and the now mutual desire for unity, has brought us the opportunity to complete the unification process that has drained so many of us since proclaimation of the 2001 Spatial Action Agenda. With a greater membership will come the ability to lift greater loads, to reach greater heights and to diversify more easily. It provides us with more opportunities than can be found in a small flock and it can give us fuel to carry forward even in these hard times.

What ever the merger result though, Queensland is destined to grow stronger. The directions set by your Regional Committee over the recent years has kept us prepared, providing us with strong liasions and representation with other Queensland entities so that our place in Queensland will always remain strong.

Additionally, your Regional Committee is well placed within the new merged entity. We have remained cognisant of what is happening in the other regions and positioned ourselves with representation on the new Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Executive when it meets.

Let us now move into winter prepared to keep our home warm and welcoming.

Tom Taranto
Chair, SSI Qld


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