A Synopsis – Qld Spatial Industry and Trans-Tasman Surveyors Conference, Cairns 20 -23 September 2006.

Conference Theme was Land and Sea Spatially Connected in a Tropical Hub

The Program consisted of
* 9 Keynotes speakers
* 70 papers run over four concurrent sessions
* 8 Industry Forums
* 8 Pre-Conference Workshops
* 440 Participants

Key Notes Addresses
* International Speakers covered topics on
o The challenge to make spatial data ubiquitous, to unite the professions over their common ground –spatial literacy.
o The spatial profession to be recognised for its social responsibility in our regions – how do we promote the Industry, inform the masses on how the industry has contributed to the development and economy of nations.
o Creating clear Standards for interoperability – constructing the business case.
o The need for engagement with other agencies – cooperation
* National Speakers spoke of
o Spatially Enabling Australia, the development of Spatial Data Infrastructures
o Development of National Standards
o National Professional Focus – Generations XYZ, their characteristics, attitudes and work ethic. Gaining an understanding on the need for change in the workplace.

The presentations consistently provided innovative solutions that often came from looking outside the square over the topics
* Charting, Monitoring and Managing our Rivers and Oceans
* Satellite Navigation and Geodetic Frameworks
* Opportunities and Alliances within our community and our neighbours – developing social solutions.
* Natural Disasters – Advanced warning and the aftermath
* Monitoring and Protection of the Environment

The delivery of presentations were passionate, innovative and often looking at the social issues as well the typical data issues in the areas of –
* Community Service
* Education, Skills and Training
* Data Quality
* Data Access

There was the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements in the spatial sciences.
* Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards
* Awards for innovative solutions to clients problems

There was the opportunity to also reflect on our past –
* Professor Rigsby Paper on the Yintjingga People
* Bill Kitson Preserving the History of Surveying in Queensland
* Historical Map Display

We looked to the future
* Learning from Lessons from the past like Cyclone Larry in Far North Qld – the need for a robust spatial information infrastructure
* Witnessed the signing of the National Skills Formation Framework Agenda by the peak Asia-Pacific bodies.

* The quest for interoperability is progressing. Many data custodians are creating the cogs needed within their organisations. I think the big challenge is still ahead – to coordinate and develop partnerships and policies that allow the cogs to work together.
* Recognition for improved Access to data
* The need for simplified Licensing regimes
* Enable Spatial legislation so the what and the where of Rights Responsibilities and Restrictions are identified and recorded
* Integrity of the Cadastre
o Work on the ground is of a concern across the country
o Huge demand on the industry in the current economic climate to satisfy client needs
o Reducing pool of skilled staff
o High cost of compliance
* Need for a High Precision Geodetic Framework that suits a range of community needs
o Research
o Surveying
o Machine Guidance
o Precision Agriculture
* Improve the precision of our cadastral reference framework
* The SSI has a significant role to play as standards are now being pushed from the state to the national level
o eGov
o ePlan
o eGeodesy
o Australia Spatial Data Interchange
o Skills Development Framework
* The challenge of Generation Y not only for our members but for our community.
* We need to market the skills of the spatial professional to our children and their grandparents.
* We need to recognise the human capital in our businesses.
* Emergency Response needs to have spatial data that is
o Available
o Up to date
o Accessible in a variety of formats
+ Hardcopy
+ Mobile
+ On hand

Thanks to Nevil Cumerford from the SSI Conference Program Committee for making available the base notes for the above synopsis.

Upcoming SSI Conferences
* 13th Australasian Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Conference (13 ARSPC) National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia. November 20 – 24 2006
* Spatial Sciences Institute International Biennial Conference (SSC2007). Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Australia. May 14 – 18 2007


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